Technical Data Sheets

Click on the Nortek Part Number below to download the desired Technical Data Sheet. 

Nortek Number RAL Description 
Beige P5ST13 Chameleon
   P8ST21   Piedmont Almond
  P8ST45   Smokey Beige
  P8ST115   Gloss Beige
  S6ST93   Sierra Tan
  S8ST23 1015 Light Ivory
  S8ST32 1013 Oyster White
S8ST182 1001 Beige

Black E0SB2   Flat Black Epoxy
E0SB28   Flat Black Epoxy Smooth
  P0TB3   Fine Texture Black
  P6SB4 Semi Gloss Black
  P9SB5   Bike Black
  P0TB9   Fine Texture Black
  S2SB12   Matte Black
  S9SB15   Super Wet Black
  E5SB20   Black Epoxy Primer
  P5RB23   Black Hammer
  H1TB26   Vador Black
  P1WB30   Black Wrinkle
  P3SB34   Black Satin 40 gloss
  S6SB35   Designer Black
  S1SB36   Raven Black SD 10 gloss
  S0SB38   Flat Black SD

Blue P8SU24 5015 Sky Blue
  P8SU25 5003 Sapphire Blue
  P7RU41   Light River Blue
P7SU42 Light Blue Smooth
  P9SU50 5009 Azure Blue
  P8SU56   Dark Blue Smooth
  P7RU59   Dark Blue Smooth
  P8SU63   Make a Wish Blue
  S8SU70 5018 Turquoise Blue
  S8SU83 5002 Ultramarine Blue
P7SU89 Safety Blue
  P8SU102 5019 Capri Blue
  S9SU105 5021  
  S8SU107 5005  
  S8SU110 5001  
  S8SU135 5010  
  S8SU170 5000  
  S8SU171 5017  
  S9SU172 5012  
  P8SU184 5020  

Brown S4SH15   Beach Brown
  P5SH28   Island Brown
P9SH28 8002 Signal Brown
S8SH33 8014 Sipia Brown
S8SH36 8025 Pale Brown
S3MH40   Bronze 40
U1MH42   Oil Rubbed Bronze
S9SH46 8016 Mahogany Brown
S1MH58   Statuary Bronze
P8SH87 8004 Copper Brown
S8SH99 8024 Beige Brown
P4SH118   Amerimax Brown
S3SH135   FS 20040 Brown
S3SH138 8017 Chocolate Brown
P2SH158 8004 Copper Brown
  S9SH173 8019 Gray Brown
  S8SH201 8011 Nut Brown

Clear S9SC1   Super Durable Clear
  P0SC3   Flat Clear
  U9SC5   Anti Graffiti Clear
  S3SC8   Matte Clear

Gray P7SK7   Ice Gray
  P7RK9   Gray Texture L/T
  P1WK18   Gray Wrinkle
  P8SK23 7037 Dusty Grey
  S8SK31 7040 Window Gray
  P8SK34 7032 Pebble Gra
  E5SK35   Gray Epoxy Primer
  E6SK36   Zinc Rich Primer
  P8SK38   ANSI-70 Gray
  P7SK45   Circuit Gray
  P4SK56   ANSI-49 Gray
  S8SK61 7046 Telegray 2
  U1TK64   PB#27 Dark Gray texture
  P5SK81 7035 Light Gray
  P8SK97   MTP Gray LT
  P4RK112 7035 Light Gray River
  S8SK125 7038 Agate Gray
  S8SK143 7042 Traffic Grey
  S8SK147 7001 Silver Gray
  S7SK156 7047 Telegrey 4
  S8SK173 7022 Umba Gray
  S8SK178 7016 Anthracite Gray
  S1TK193 7035 Light Gray Texture
  S8SK202 7005 Mouse Gray
  Q6SK252   ANSI-70 Gray SDS
  S8SK262   Olive Gray SD Polyester
  P8SK305 7033 Cement Gray
  S8SK310 7010 Tapaulin Gray
  S8SK343 7012 Basalt Gray
  S8SK408 7036 Platinum Gray

Green S9SG1 6005 Moss Green
  P3SG3   Hartford Green
  S9SG23   Tractor Green
  S7SG27   Hunter Green
  S8SG31 6027 Light Green
  S8SG34 6032 Signal Green
  P0SG58   Oliver Green
  P0SG113   Olive Drap Green
  P9SG121 6001 Emerald Green
  S8SG126 6011 Reseda Green
  S8SG134 6021 Pale Green
S9SG167 6012 Black Green
  S9SG178 6028 Pine Green
  S9SG192 6034 Pastel Turquoise
  P8SG216 6009 Fir Green
  S8SG250 6922 Olive Drap
  S8SG304 6024 Traffic Green
  S9SG312 6010 Grass Green
  S8SG313   Forest Green 343C

Metallics P9SA4   Sparkle Silver
  H1TA8   CO Silver Text
  P5VA10   Silver Vein
  S8SA29   Silver Smith
  S4SA32   Gray Silver
  S4SA38   Silver Aluminum
  S4SA48   CajunSilver SD
  P9SA49   Chrome
  H7VA58   White Silver Vein
  S7SA60   Silver Smith SD
  S7SA76   Anodized Silver
  Q3SA83   Pewter SDC
  H7RA117   Silver Hammertone
  P1TA162   Biodex Silver Texture
  S2SA194 9007 Gray Aluminum
S8SGA211 6035 Pearl Green
S4SA481 BMW Silver

Orange P6SO34 3013 Tomato Red
  P9SO2 2010 Signal Orange
  P9SO9 2009 Safety Orange
  P9SO18 2001 Red Orange
  S8SO5 8023 Orange Brown
  S9SO33 2003 Pastel Orange
  S9SO22 2008 Bright red

Pink & P8SP7   Gloss Pink
Purple S9SP11 4010 Telemagenta
  P8SP18 3015 Light Pink
S9SP24 4005 Blue Lilac
  S8SP33 4006 Traffic Purple

Red P2RR1   Red River texture
  P8SR2 3005 Wine Red
  P8SR10 3002 Carmine Red
  S9SR17 3020 Traffic Red
  P9SR21   Acandy Apple Red
  P9SR25 3003 Ruby Red
  S9SR26 3001 Signal Red
  P8SR29 3009 Oxide Red
  P9SR55   International Red
  P8SR64 3004 Purple Red
  P8SR67 3000 Flame Red
  P0TR77   Fire Red Texture
  P8SR78 3020 Traffic Red
  E0SR80   Tyco Red
  P0TR110 3004 Purple Red

Texture E0VD34   Antique Copper
  H1TA8   Silver Text
  H1TB26   Black Texture
  H7RA117   Silver Hammertone
  P0TB3   Fine Texture Black
  P0TD24   Oil Rubbed Bronze Texture
  P0TW167   Wild Rice Texture
  P0TW27   Off White Texture
  P0VD77   Antique Copper
  P1WB30   Black Wrinkle
  P1WK18   Gray Wrinkle
  P2RR1   Red River Texture
  P4RK112   Light Gray Peel
  P5RB23   Black Hammertone
  P5VA10   Silver Vein
  P7RBU41   Light Blue River
  P7RU59   Dark Blue River
  P7RW124   White Peel
  S5VD39   Copper Vein
  S7SK156   Telegrey 4
  U1TK64   Dark Grey Texture
  U1TW72   PB5 White Texture

White S9SW1 9016 Traffic White
  P8SW3   Choice White
  S9SW21   White Bengal
  S8SW22 9010 Pure White
  P8SW24   Cream
  S5SW26   Bone White
  P0TW27   Off White II Texture
  S7SW28   Snow White
  S9SW29   Sky White
  P6SW30   Cabinet White
  S5SW35   Poma White
  H1RW46   Biodex White
  P6SW69   Apollo White
  U1TW72   PB5 White Texture
  S9SW94 9002 Gray White
  E5SW106   White Primer
  P5SW112   Amerimax White
  P7RW124   White Peel
  P0TW167   Wild Rice
  U8SW174   White Board

Yellow P8SY3   Safety Yellow
  P9SY4 1023 Traffic Yellow
  P9SY6 1018 Zinc Yellow
  P9SY7 1003 Signal Yellow
  U8SY9   Anti Graffiti Safety Yellow
  P9SY18 1033 Dahlia Yellow
  P8SY24 1004 Golden Yellow
  P9SY33 1007 Dalfodil Yellow
  P8SY40 1017 Saffron Yellow
  S8SY44 1034 Pastel Yellow
  P9SY45 1028 Mellon Yellow

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